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Alpine cattle drive / Cattle show

«Alpine cattle drive»

When the alpine dairy herdsmen during the months of May/June move with their cattle to the Alps and return to the valley in August/September, this is known as an alpine cattle drive or in the local dialect as «öberefahre», «z'Alp fahre», «iefahre», «abefahre» order «usefahre».

In an alpine cattle drive, a small boy dressed in the herdsman's costume walks in front followed by a herd of goats while a girl urges them on. The dairy herdsman walks behind them. Over his left shoulder, he carries a beautifully carved milk pail with the decorative exchangeable bottom. Behind him are three cows carrying alpine dairy bells. These are followed up by four herdsmen, one in festivecostume and his three companions in Sunday attire wearing brown trousers, white shirts and bright red waistcoats. Walking behind the cattle is the cattle owner. The «classical» alpine procession finishes with the «Ledi».

The wooden utensils

«Ledi:» is the name of a wagon drawn by horses carrying all the wooden utensils.

Bowls, milking pails, milk churns, butter churn, whey churn, milk churn which the farmer carries
on his back, and other utensils
are needed on the alp for the production of butter and cheese. The «Ledi» is a rare sight these days since it is only used if the farmer makes the occasional butter and cheese for himself.

The cattle show

At the cattle show, the farmer brings his cattle to the Brewery Square where he compares his cattle with those of the other owners. Cantonal cattle shows are held in Appenzell and Oberegg. These events have a long-standing tradition and are characterized by the colourful arrival and departure of the large alpine dairy herds and the socializing of the farmers afterwards in the nearby restaurants. After the judging of the cattle has taken place, wreaths of flowers made out of paper are hung around the foreheads of the best cattle so that, late afternoon, they can return to their barns festively decorated.

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